About us

AutoMaze has been created by compliance professionals, for compliance professionals

Arno and Corentin seated on a coach

Who we are

AutoMaze has been created by Arno and Corentin. 

Before AutoMaze, Arno was an M&A lawyer for almost 9 years in an international law firm. Curious by nature, he decided to explore software development, which led him to cross paths with Corentin.

Corentin used to work at an investment fund before realizing that he was gifted in software development and data science.

With their unique blend of skills in law and technology, they can bridge the gap between the two worlds to create solutions that meet regulatory requirements, optimize efficiency, and enhance customer experiences.

Today, they are supported and advised by a consultancy office specializing in compliance & regulatory. Their certified experts provide invaluable guidance, offering an in-depth understanding of the legal intricacies that govern the industry.

Our mission

AutoMaze was born out of an observation and a frustration: compliance with AML/CTF legislation is difficult, time-consuming, and distracts professionals from their core business.

With technologies, our ambition is to bring simplicity, speed, and efficiency to AML/CTF procedures so that beneficiaries of our services can focus on areas where they can deliver real added value.