Our company is an innovative, cloud-based platform that meets the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing (AML-CTF) compliance needs of small and large enterprises alike.

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Screening Module

Access our screening module with more than 4+ million entries from more than 2,700 data lists for your AML-CTF process.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our Ongoing Monitoring module leverages your screenings with continious monitoring of your portfolio and notify you of any change.

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AI Risk Analysis

We are currently working on implementing AI risk analysis to get one step closer to full automation of AML-CTF risk assessment

Industries coverage

Financial Services

Enhancing AML-CTF compliance across banking, insurance, payment and fintech sectors.


Streamlining secure brokerage in credit and insurance with targeted AML-CTF screenings.

Real Estate

Guarding real estate transactions against financial crime with specialized screenings.

Legal Services

Empowering legal, tax or accountant professionals with essential compliance and risk mitigation solutions.

Listed Companies

Fortifying listed companies with robust AML-CTF risk management frameworks.


Protecting ecommerce and global trade from AML-CTF risks with precision.

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